Everywhere there's music, you'll find First Media
The media landscape has changed immeasurably in the past decade, and music has been altered perhaps more radically than any other creative form. Nearly everything we thought we knew -- from the art of making music, to the business of distributing it -- has changed permanently since First Media began operations back in 1993.
We have undergone numerous changes since then, but our purpose has remained the same:             to nurture new talent, create music that will last, and bring our work to the widest possible audience. Here, we strive to make music that will transcend trends and technology, and that will stand the test of time. 
Working collaboratively with some of the most respected composers, songwriters, and artists in the industry, we have created ground-breaking work in a broad spectrum of styles, from traditional recordings in jazz, rock, country, and pop to breathtaking new works for symphony orchestra, opera, and musical theater. 
But that's only half the story.
For nearly two decades, First Media has been a leading force in the development of new and innovative ways to bring music to its audience. From traditional print publications to online media, from CDs to streaming to downloads, First Media has remained at the forefront of digital technology. Along the way, we've worked with hundreds of record companies, advertisers, industry associations and leading marketers to bring our work to the world, including iTunes, Windows Media, Time Warner, Sony Music, Discover Financial Services, CBS, E! Entertainment, O The Oprah Magazine, Unilver, and The National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences, to name a few.
First Media Communications, Inc. is an integrated music and media company based in Nashville, Tennessee (http://www.first-media.com/). Its operations include online music magaizne Destination: Music®, melodic rock radio channel Radio Oasis(SM), music publishing companies Brentwood Hills Music, Inc. (ASCAP) and Miss Amy Music, Inc. (BMI), and the Next Horizon® record label.